I Restored And Repaired This Antique Ship Compass

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I restored this old ship compass. The compass was not working because there was no fluid in it and it was very dirty and patinated. Also the paint was in bad condition and some of the screws needed to be replaced.
Only issue I encountered during the disassembly was the empty bottom piece being stuck so I had to use a hammer and a screw driver to release it. I think the bottom is there to act as a weight. to keep the compass level.
I often clean up brass with ketchup. This time I wanted to try electrolysis. I had never tried it on brass but there was no risk of permanent damage. Good thing about electrolysis is that I can leave it just running and come back later and it will remove both oxidation and paint. However something unexpected happened. The wire I used was zinc plated and I didn't realize the zinc could dissolve and move on the brass. I'm unsure what caused the reaction but I think it could be electroless plating, a method of metal plating which doesn't require electricity. Luckily I forgot to clean one of the pieces so I could still demonstrate a successful cleaning process. When you are using electrolysis for cleaning it doesn't matter too much what current and voltage you use. More means faster reaction (but obviously don't use mains electricity) But if you hook the cables the wrong way around your parts will be destroyed.
Zinc plating was not an issue because the steel wires were only zinc plated. Such tiny amount of zinc spread on the whole surface area of the parts is not thick enough to last a polishing. I used my restored buffing wheel to polish the parts and then I used car polishing compound in tight spots to polish the metal and remove the layer of zinc.
The dial of the compass would have been a pain to disassemble as there were nails piercing the dial sheet and they were soldered on the body. Only issue with the dial was the paint. I tried to use acetone and paint thinner but the paint was not dissolving easily so I sanded it off. In hindsight, I probably could have used electrolysis for this as well because it will anyways sit in a liquid in the compass so it's unlikely that the dial would be somehow damaged in the process. I then painted the dial and the inside of the compass with an "antique white" color. It has a slightly greenish tint even though because of the hard contrast it might look snow white.
The screws on the top were damaged so I made new ones from some larger brass screws. The top of the screws were too wide but with a simple customization I was able to make new ones. All the other screws were cleaned and polished so they could be reused.
During the disassembly I filled the compass with alcohol solution so it won't freeze. In reality it took me quite some time to get rid of all the tiny bubbles but I've worked with filling medical IV syringes manually so I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Someone might say there has to be a bubble to see the compass is level, but the glass is completely flat and on a ship it will never stay so level the bubble would be in the middle of the flat glass.
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    Πριν ημέρα

    Video : liquid ice Me : wait isn't that just ....

  2. Kougerat


    Πριν 3 ημέρες

    Superb !

  3. Kristyna-Chrome


    Πριν 4 ημέρες

    I'm about to repair/restore my Grandpa's Navy Compass - a smaller model, not as cool as yours... but he used it as a front door stop (ever since he stole it off the ship he lived on while serving) and it has personal value. Problems I'm having: The glass broke at some point during a move, the liquid is gone, and the printed ring of directions is ruined. I can figure out most of the issues, but what is the ratio of alcohol to water that is needed?? Did I mention how amazing your Odd Tinkering is to those of us with like interests/hobbies? We are very appreciative!!

  4. Şimal


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    Patricia Cunningham

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    Love it. Just love it.



    Πριν 10 ημέρες

    Dear friend, you did a nice job indeed. I would like to make a small comment: you did the restoration with great care but I observed one part which you did not give much attention to the outer ring. You would polished little bit more where all minute dents would have been disappeared. Eventhough the outer ring hidden in the assembly, the job might have been given you the complete satisfaction. Good luck and happy Easter.

  7. Emily True

    Emily True

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    Does anyone know what he uses for the car polishing compound? Can't find it anywhere online

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    Justin Streeter

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    Great work but. I don't know why you didn't put cork glass cork so the glass can be protected and get a seal in one shot If it's a maritime tool. But great work still

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    I reckon if the ship rolled as much as he rolled that compass, knowing your direction would probably not be your immediate concern !!! Great job on the restoration !

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    My father used to own an old fishing boat which had this exact model of compass on board.

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    Cat Gynt

    Πριν μήνα

    Interesting restoration. Did you do anything to the gasket? I thought this style of compass was filled with mineral oil or kerosene. At least the ones i saw in the military were more oil than alcohol. Great restoration. Thanks for sharing this video.

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    Cruiseship Chouji

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    it's insane to think some of those parts haven't seen the light of day for probably 100+ years

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    Piet Van Meurs

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    And you do not replace the pivot and stone. And you are using the old rubber. Very bad repair of compass

  28. Phil Copeland

    Phil Copeland

    Πριν μήνα

    It's amazing what WD40 and a high torque screwdriver till do to loosen tight screws etc. So good to see how electrolysis and polishing restored the compass' brass components. That levelling system is called a gimbal. It can be used for stoves in small vessels too. Great restoration work. Congratulations.

  29. H. Shiley

    H. Shiley

    Πριν μήνα

    A year late, but.. Didn't see any responses to the "odd screw" in the top of the compass float. It's a plug to seal it. Once filled with oil, checked for leaks. and emptied before setting it on the pintle. That screw prevents oil (or water) in the housing from entering the float. I'm actually surprised the interior of the housing was painted instead of nickel plated.

  30. Joseph Demro

    Joseph Demro

    Πριν μήνα

    When I was in the USMC we used a product called " DUraglit" for cleaning our brass and bright work. Check it out you dont need a lot either.

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