Restoring RARE Casio Heli-Battle Console - Retro Game Restoration

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In this video I restore rare Casio Heli-Battle Handheld console. In 1980's Casio better known for their calculators and watches made also gaming consoles such as this Heli-Battle game. These days, they go for high prices on Ebay if they are in good condition.
This is a very basic restoration. AS you can see sometimes it's very useful to remove desolder parts like I did. Because I was able to remove the back of the shell completely and the speaker with the housing it was much more easier to detach the speaker and the battery contacts. But it's always important to make sure you can actually solder the parts back in. Sometimes a part can be so hard to solder back that you want to avoid desoldering it at all costs.
After the console was disassembled I cleaned the parts with soapy water. I had also looked online that the console should be clearly lighter color so I decided to give it the deyellowing treatment. The console was never gray or white like the Gameboy or some other consoles so it won't turn like that in this process. All colors of plastic Yellow but based on my experience besides gray and white, blue and green seem to be usually visibly most discolored plastics, also I've seen pink turn brown many times. Few times I've also seen black turn to sort of dark green color. This process will work to restore all of those colors, however if the original color in the plastic has faded this method won't fix that, it only removes the yellow/brown discoloration. Here is my tutorial for the process:
I cleaned the board with isopropyl alcohol. The battery contacts were nickel plated again to prevent the corrosion from reoccurring. I also replaced one of the wires going to the battery contacts. Usually negative wire is black and positive is red, like you can see on the speaker. So I know the wire has been replaced by someone at some point. Now it looks like more professional and someone else who might repair the console ion the future will not mix the wires up as easily.
During the assembly also made new glue for the lens from double sided tape. This is a great way to reattach parts that need custom shaped pieces of tape.
Thanks for watching my video!
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Hydrogen peroxide:
UV LED strip:
99.9% isopropyl alcohol (IPA):
Power source (for leds):
Wire stripping tool:
Soldering station:
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