Antique Jet Flame Lighter Restoration

I got my hands on this old Beattie jet lighter. It was specifically designed for pipe smoking. It has a second wick in horizontal pipe which creates pressure and a jet flame when heated. These are rare and collectible lighters.
After the disassembly I cleaned the parts well and used rust remover to get rid of any oxidation. Then the parts were polished with metal polish compound and a buffing wheel.
Next the parts were plated using an electroless plating method which has several advantages over electroplating but the process is much more complicated and more expensive. But also once you have working solution it's quite easy to use. I can't reveal the recipe for the solution but I added a link to similar solution bellow. The manufacturers have usually very good instructions that are specific for their products.
Link to the: electroless nickel plating solution
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  1. Marina Johnson

    Marina Johnson

    Πριν ημέρα

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    Yelhsa Sokolova

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